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05-20-2005, 03:13 AM
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It was much better than the first two, but that's not exactly saying much. It was enjoyable, but I"m not sure I'll see it again.

What I liked:
CGI was increadible, the opening sequence is just awe inspiring.

The LightSabre battles where also pretty impressive.

Every scene with palpetine was very well done, Ian McDiarmid did a very good job with him.

They reworked yoda and made his lightSabre scenes less goofy. While the Yoda/Dooku lightSabre duel in the second film was laughable, I think it's safe to say that yoda is now a bad-ass.

What I disliked:
The love scenes are still unbearable. The dialouge is sappy and it's only made worse by wooden acting.

I know I just mentioned it, but the acting by portman and christianson is just horrible. It's expected from hayden christianson, but I've seen natalie portman do good work, what happenend?

While the CGI was unabelivable, Lucas has no idea how to use it. There's no need to have whole charecters (such as C-3P0 and the wookies) done in CGI when they could be played by actors. While the CGI charecters look good, they still don't look entirly real. You can get away with having one or two charecters like that, but when you constantly use them the audiance (or atleast myself) notices and the entire film starts to feal less authentic. The genius of a Peter Jackson is that he doesn't always use CG if there is an alternative. If you can do it without CG then you should because it makes the entire film feal more real. Lucas on the other hand will use CG charecters and effects just for the hell of it.

Some of the story telling is just too cute. One of the wookies just happens to be chewbacca? there was no need to do that (or, for that matter, to include C-3P0 and RD-D2 in major roles.) Everything doesn't need to fit so nicely, it's just too convienant.

Thats everything I can remeber right now, though I know I'm missing a few things. My major gripe is with lucas, he's just not a very good director. It's no coincidence that the best two films in the cycle (in my opinion V and VI) whern't directed by him. The man's talents are in production, not directing or writing. You can even see it when you watch the origional, a movie that I love by the way. If you ever get a chance to watch the origional in widescreen you'll be able to see how poor the shot compisition is.

Anyway, I know this review seems pretty negative, it's definatly worth seeing. It's still a very enjoyable watch and much, much better than the preceding two films. It's a good film inspite of it's many flaws.

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