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11-07-2010, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by MickeyMelchiondo View Post
look at all the number 2 picks over the last 10 years or so. they were all contributing well beyond JVR at this point, many of them under the age of 21.
JVR hasn't been asked to contribute much at this point. He hasn't been asked to come in and be a savior, nor is he getting (nor should he get) the kind of ice time to contribute as most of those players you allude to. In reality, this is great for the longterm development of JVR, but yea, no one likes to think "longterm" development around these parts. He's not a PPG player at 21, so let's rag all over the kid, since there's nothing better to do right now with the team winning games and all...

Originally Posted by MickeyMelchiondo View Post
really thought he would have shown us something early this season, but he has not impressed.
Yea, I agree with you here. I'm a tad bit disappointed in the way the early part of the season has gone for him, but what exactly should we do? Lavi is sitting him in the press box and hopefully the lightbulb goes on, but he's gonna "get it" when he gets it. That's why it's called "development".

The Flyers are not a team that needs JVR to be spectacular at this point, and for that we're lucky. We can afford to be patient with the kid, but apparently patience is in short supply on these boards.

Just because JVR can legally drink does not make him a man as of yet. Just sayin'.

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