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10-06-2003, 08:01 AM
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Wow, I guess I must have been watching different games than you guys. I thought it was pretty clear that Bell wasn't close to being ready from his first game in Sweden. You can't judge a player by his accomplishments in the OHL. Sure, he had a great season, but that was playing against boys. At the pro level the pace is so much faster, and Bell clearly had problems adjusting to that. Some guys (like Carlo) are so talented they can more or less adjust right away. Bell is not one of those guys.

Colaiacovo vs. Kondratiev isn't quite as black and white, but I thought Max looked more ready in his exhibition play. I thought his positioning and defensive awareness were superior, I thought he was better in transition, I thought his decision making was quicker and more confident, and he added quite a bit offensively which was a very pleasant surprise. He made a few mistakes, but he was good at recovering, and he also learned from them as camp went along.

They are quite close, and Carlo will probably be the better player in the long run. But I think Max's experience playing at the pro level has given him a bit of an edge.

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