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05-20-2005, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Steve L
I havent seen many players come out and say Domi, Tucker, Bertuzzi etc are dirty players, its doesnt mean its so, it just means hockey players wont criticise fellow pros.
Funny how you group Stevens, who has NEVER been suspended for dirty play with three guys who have.

And whenever Stevens was accused of such tactics by overzelous media and fans the players always would defend Stevens saying he was a clean player but I don't recall ever seeing that for the three angels that you mentioned, espicially Tucker and Domi.

BTW, here is a great article from a website dedicated to the rules of the game.

The next time you see a big hitter like Scott Stevens lining up a player who is cutting across the ice, watch how he hits this person. Sure he skates towards the player but nearly 99% of the time during the last metre before he hits an opponent he is gliding into him and then at the last moment he will give an extra push off his back leg to make sure that he isnít the one sent flying. Scott Stevens is one of the best big hitters in NHL history, but he is not a dirty hitter. He uses his shoulder and he hits within the rules of hockey, making sure to position himself properly at the moment of impact.
I couldn't have said it better myself.

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