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11-08-2010, 01:06 AM
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Is Jeff Carter the mike Schmidt of the Flyers ?

Seems many folks look at Jeff Carter the same way many Philadelphia fans looked at Mike Schmidt back in his day.Schmitty was always knocked for looking like he was not really trying, not putting forth 100% effort etc, even though his numbers showed other wise.Schmidts style of play looked effortless at times mostly because he was just a smooth almost graceful type player on the field which many viewed as him not trying as hard as players who were not as smooth, or did not make plays look easy the way he did.He would have horrible slumps at the plate, then string together some hot streaks of tremendous home runs etc.He struck out a lot, looked terrible at the plate for a few games then he would get in a groove and heat up for a stretch etc, end of the season his stats would look great.

Jeff Carter is a player in Hockey that reminds me of Schmidt that way.When you see him play live it looks like he is not skating hard, but he is faster than most everyone on the ice.His strides are not as fast as most others but he is certainly covering more ice than most with what looks like less effort.His hard wrist shots although inaccurate for long stretches, seem to start finding their mark suddenly for a stretch and then every one loves Carts suddenly.

Same deal with Schmitty, i have seen him booed pretty bad for stretches, then a few bombs and everyone loved Schmitty.A lot of folks want Carter traded etc, and certainly the dreaded salary cap has a little to do with such thinking,But in some ways i think Carter is just one of them type athletes that will always look like he may not be hustling or trying etc, but it is just his style of play for the most part, he is streaky just like Schmidt was.I am sure most NHL teams would like such a problem player ?

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