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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Luke, dude, the point was that people lack appreciation for Carter because of their perception of his effort level, etc... the same as with Schmidt. NOT that Carter is the best ever at his position, and that isn't being appreciated. It's about the fan's perception of the player.

To which you came in with:

Displaying that your reading comprehension is lacking and that you completely failed to understand the point that the OP was making. That's YOUR PROBLEM not his.

Read better.

If you want to draw player comparisons between Carter and Philadelphia Phillies, by all means go ahead and do it. However, criticizing the OP's post because you can't read what he's saying and/or don't care what he's saying, is being a dick. If you want to say, "No, the asinine fan reaction to Carter is not like Schmidt because Carter isn't as good as him." Fine, but that really ignores the point that the perception is quite similar in many ways.

Of course, then you run into the problem that what is animating the dislike (the perception of lack of effort, etc.) can be said to be similar for all three players. However, Bobby Abreu wasn't known for the completely unrealistic dislike the way Schmidt is, thus why Schmidt is the person of comparison for Philly sports fan's stupidity.
Actually, I made exactly the same point, it was you who failed reading comprehension.

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