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10-06-2003, 08:21 AM
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Its a numbers game for the Kids in TO..

Its all about numbers ...and the first point is the Kondratiev playing against men in the Russian Elite league at 19... really advanced his development, as that league is fairly physical, unlike the Swedish league where Hedin played..

I think Hedin lost his spot because he is TOO much of a Riverboat Gambler out there and pinches TOO often which lead to TOO many odd man rushes for the opponents.. This surprises me a little because I could see a young kid doing that but at 25 and years of Semi-Pro experience should have altered his thinking a little..

Carlo was both good and bad at times in the preseason...but I think this demotion is a good one for Leaf fans and his development... The point I wanted to make was that everyone expects Carlo to EVENTUALLY be a top Dman in the NHL, while Kondratiev a late round pick, turning out, and making the Team right now even as a McCabe replacement for a few weeks is good.. Also as Fergy always calls his players assets, similar here...with the depth of Defense prospects in the system ..Leafs could turn some into something bigger..This is not meant to say trade the kids but more to stress the point that NOW Kondratiev is a more valuable asset than he was last year and if a TOP Dman is made available it would be easier to swallow if a young Dman was included in the package to bring that STUD dman to Toronto..

Also with the remaining forwards in camp... Personally I hope PLEASE !!! that Fergy trades Belak to open another Roster spot, but with the fact that Poni and the surprise Perrott both have to clear waivers to be sent down and that Matty Stajan does as it stand no matter how well Stajan has played he is likely the odd man out presently.. Not that some quality ice time in the AHL will hurt Stajan, but I would rather see him play for at least a 10 game stint in the NHL with some quality players and see if he is the next Alex Tanguay or Simon Gagne... until a roster spot is opened for the kid...there will be no option in my mind...unless Fergy trades a vet or trades Poni or Perrott rather than risk them going to the AHL on waivers... Better asset management would be to send down Stajan than lose one of the other two players for nothing..

Telly has also been solid, for the Buds and I would not shed a tear if Kidd was bought out and Tellqvist is the permanent backup..My point here is that if a Team has been struggling for a long time to develop kids for the NHL...the sending down of Telly would push other young goalies even further down and into possible obscurity (ECHL) etc.. Hodson & Centomo being one and with JF Racine and probably Minard already bound down there ...where will there be room.. This is true as well for all the young dman on the farm.. Carlo and Hedin push other youngsters further down...a young player like Turon who could have played another year in the WHL was signed in the off season and now seems to be destined to USL or ECHL obscurity as well because of depth...

The signing of Vets UFA at the NHL level all the time in a indirect/direct way is a major contributor to the lack of development of future NHLers.. IS MY MAIN POINT...

Watch Jamie Pushor will be signed as a short term gap stop at the expense of someone else development..

Comment welcome...

Edit : Moments after posting Thne Fan 590 is reporting NO Contract for Pushor...Maybe Fergy read this post..

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