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11-08-2010, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by phillyflu View Post

Apparently I missed the entire point of this message board. I thought it was to debate differing opinions, not just slap everyone on the back and say, good job, I agree with you. My apologies. I understand now that any discourse is frowned upon.

Excellent comparison btw, Schmidt and Carter is right on. I love Jeff, he's getting a raw deal. Philly doesn't deserve him.

To the OP, I apologize for offering a different opinion from yours, you were right, I was wrong.
You are learning that only certain people's perspectives matter and they will define the parameters of the debate and say that your points are irrelevent so that your entire premise becomes irrelevent. Just realize that Carter seems to be sacrosanct on this board and there is a double standard. If you are a Carter detractor you might as well be the devil incarnate no matter how valid your points may be. Personally, I'm not a huge fan and so far this season given that he's scored all his points in 5 of 15GP thus far and hasn't showed any new aspects to his game I'm not thrilled about signing this guy to anything more than a 5.5 to 6M 3 year contract and even that is reaching right now. That is my main gripe about him from a purely business standpoint. I'm afraid of overrrating the guy and overpaying him given our precarious cap situation going into next year. Giroux should be more of a priority and I'm sure he'll be signed but I'd like to keep Leino. Maybe trading Carle and some other tinkering can get things squared away but when Holmgren has to think more than he has to it gets dangerous as hell....

Having said this I do think playing him out of position is not helping his cause but that's where I wish he was a little more adaptable and versitile. The thing that is most troubling of late is his careless stick infractions. I believe he is among the league leaders in minor penalties involving the stick. Him and Briere must be hanging out together more or something. Kind of like women who have their periods in sync when they are around each other...

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