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05-20-2005, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by kingjdv
Well, you had Boucher and Pelletier, both 1st round draft picks (and at the time hopefull heir apparents to the starting job) and then you had Little...a late-round pick who the Flyers didn't think had much of a future as an NHL goalie. That's why Little was loaned out and not the other two... because the Flyers already new that Little had reached his ceiling. The only reason management brought him back was because of the vacancy created by Boucher's "graduation" and the need for a cheap backup AHL goalie. Which is basically what he is, allbeit, a pretty good one.

You don't farm a player out of your system so he can be taught a different way to play by another organization. Doesn't the fact that Brunelle was then moved to yet another team give you an idea that he is no longer in the Flyers plans.
First, although your point about Little is well taken, I think you are greatly understating Little's role in the organization as a cheap (which, quite frankly he isn't, as he is one of the top paid players in the AHL) backup goalie. Little's role goes way beyond being a backup goalie as he plays the role as the veteran mentor. A lot of Niittymaki's development is due to Little's influence.

Second, I don't agree with your second point either. The fact is that, due to the lockout, there weren't enough roster spots available for every player since a lot of younger NHL destined players ended up playing in the AHL. That being said, a number of AHL destined players ended up playing in the ECHL.

So, what you are saying is that there is no chance that Brunelle was loaned so that he could get more ice time? The Titans, obviously, are a very deep team. Since Brunelle isn't a checker, this was a way for him to get ice time elsewhere.

Although, I will say that Brunelle being shipped out of Trenton may have been due to the fact that he, for whatever reason, fell out of graces with the organization. (Or, maybe it was a kick in the a** for Brunelle to get his act in gear). However, I would also venture to say that the organization had to be happy with how strongly he finished the season.

You and I will disagree, but I think, assuming there is an NHL next season, Brunelle will be a Phantom. is offline