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11-08-2010, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by On Edge View Post
MM I swear I thought you were kidding around about DP playing another postion in your other post - even though there was not a I was ready to stick up for you and give the guy a hard time for not getting your humor.

You were SERIOUS???? About putting DP in another postion????? 10% chance it would work?

Baseball is so different from hockey that while it is outlandish and unusual what Ankiel did but not totally out of range of reason. Any top HS team, the pitchers play OTHER positions when they are not in the rotation. Even some Division I baseball teams, pitchers also play other positions. Ankiel at least had something of a foundation at playing in the field and batting as a young adult.

In hockey you can possibly change a position for a player on the ice from defense to forward or visa versa. However, it does not happen too frequently - even at lower levels. For the most part, if you are serious about hockey, you pretty much know the position you will be playing by the time you are 12 or 13. DP is 29. There is NO WAY a goalie learns to play another position at this point and is able to play in anything other than a good beer league. The skill set it just way to different. For one, I don't think there is anyway that DP keeps up anywhere close with the skating, let alone the other skills he would require.

Gillies would absolutely smoke him as a forward. DP would make Gervais look like Bobby Orr.

What you suggest would be like training my IT manager to become my Ops Manager (by the way blocking some possible good up and coming ops guy I'm grooming!). I'd sooner have him do janitor stuff to earn his keep or I'd just fire the guy. I'd equate that to making DP stick boy, or maybe a greeter at Doolins. Now that might work!
I am kidding,.... LOL, he likes to fight so being a 4th line pugilist on the Islanders means 90 seconds of action a night, so he can't really hurt us, nor does he need to learn the position LOL.

So he has a 10% chance of being a 4th line pugilist, because if he has to move forward for more than 20 seconds he could blow out his knee.

The Ankiel thing is a wonder in itself, because the guy was good enough to come back to become a starting centerfielder of all positions and hit a key homer in the NLDS. I think in hockey the only player that I can recall from recent memory that could be a forward/dman was Ken Klee.

But to set the record straight, I was just airing my DP frustrations. I will have the same problems this year in Flushing with Bay in leftfield while Duda gets traded.

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