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11-08-2010, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by claude boivin lives View Post
That Richards extension was done after he'd played 28 games of the '07-'08 season.

Right, I tend to agree...but all things considered(Holmgren's skillz being one of them), I'll def be more surprised if the cap hit is closer to 3 mill than a Carter/Richards-like number. Like I said, I thought both of those were a little high, and considering the precedent he set with those, it'll just be that much harder to come in at ~3 mill. Hopefully, I'm not giving Holmgren and company enough credit, and their smarts as well as the slightly different state of NHL contracts these days will prove me wrong.

I'm still slightly bothered by the Richards number, though...that was the big precedent. I think it's a big part of what pulled Carter's number higher, and what will pull Giroux's number higher. I mean, for 12 effing years, I would've at least liked to see that number at something more like $4.75. I think I've seen you argue in the past that you like the Richards deal, because of the bar it the sense that he's our best player, and no forward's cap hit should eclipse his(Briere deal came earlier, of course). I like that idea, but still would've liked to see Richards' hit be a little lower. And I'm not even entirely sure that's for the best, because for all the good Richards does out there, he's gonna have a hell of a hard time outweighing the future potential value of guys like Carter, Giroux, maybe JVR, and probably others in the future. Hell, Carter's cap hit might very well come in higher than Richards' already on this next extension. So, what was the point of setting any kind of bar? Long story short, I still think 5.75 per was a little too high for a 12 year deal on Richards...for many reasons.
A LOT of the contracts signed a few years back look completely F'd up the way contracts are coming in now. That's largely because teams had not responded tot he salary cap yet, so there was still a lot of "free" money every offseason... now, not so much. A lot of teams are locked into big, long-term contracts that restrict their spending considerably.

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