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10-06-2003, 09:30 AM
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I like the way this team recovered from last year. Although too late (mostly at the trade deadline) for last year I view all the changes as positive. I agree with the concerns mentioned, but I don't necesarily view them as bad strategy or outdated phylosophy. My biggest concern is the coaching. I agree that they are drafting for size and grit instead of talent, and that may be true, but it may just be the types of players available in a given draft. However, when BF mentions a high tempo, fast skating, strong forchecking team rolling over 4 good lines, he is not talking about the Coyotes. His hockey is a slow, plodding, cycle the puck, defense 1st (2nd and 3rd for that matter) perimeter game. That's the kind of coach he is and that's the kind of coach he always will be. BF is not an imaginitive, tactical, intellectual type coach. It's dump and chase, dump and chase, dump and chase ........, a game they are not very good at. They did not score many goals during X games. The rookies who wanted to seriously challenge for a spot needed to show stellar defensive play in order to have a serious a look. Goal scoring requires a different orientation. It's coaching, coaching, coaching that's the problem. It's a self fulfilling prophecy ..... it's like he's saying " we can't score goals so lets slow the game down, play a plodding peripheral game, dump and chase, and cycle the puck. We'll go for the 1 - 0 or 2 - 1 game cause that's all we can do...." but that's all they can do because they play that slow plodding, dump and chase, cycle the puck peripheral game. We need a young innovative thinker and teacher as a coach and there may not be any.

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