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11-08-2010, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by DenverBoone View Post
You can't be afraid to send JVR down if there is a player more deserving of a roster spot. This is a meritocracy (Shelley excluded of course).

There's nothing worse than sending down a No. 2 pick, because then the organization feels like failure, but coddling the blue chips can also be problematic.
Bottom line is JVR needs to add some nastiness and grit, and plow toward the net.
You either have that or you dont. Kind of hard to acquire if your not that type of player. I dont care if he ever does play nasty or gritty so to speak. People look at his size automaticly think he needs to be this type of player. While i would like him to be he probably wont. He does need to toughen up a bit. He reminds me of Therian in the sense that everyone thought he should have been a bruiser because of his size. That was never his game. As for sending him down, not yet, as not like the guy is not showing anything. Those who think it will mess him up, well then if it did then he is a weak minded player who would never have cut then anyway in the long run. So if they keep wellwood up and he starts to struggle and looks out of placewill he then be labeled a bust? Since so many of you think he is an nhl player as of now it would be only fitting.

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