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Originally Posted by pappyline View Post
Beat me to it. That is what I was about to suggest. Could even use it it if we wanted to go chronologically. just split up the top 100 list that way. Why reinvent the wheel, we have already done a lot of the spade work. hell if we could get access to Fissionfire's data, our work is almost done.

BTW, I like the WWHOF method. I think they did a good job until 2007. Why did they stop? I know Joe Pelletier was a member of that group & he posts here occasionally. Joe, what happened?
Well, the data of the first Top-100 is still available?
There were well over 200+ names on it.

And still, that works only if we only consider the players.

For the record, I have (or had...) the raw data (e.g., the 39 spreadsheets) of the last Top-100.

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