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11-08-2010, 06:43 PM
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I would think if you dropped him pucks on the shooting pad and got him focus on sweeping the back quickly that would help his hand-eye. Then making him have quicker hands to win clean faceoffs. Like you could rapid drop 5 pucks or something like that. Repetition would be key. Also you would have to switch up the times between puck drop sometimes to keep him off balance. One thing to make sure is that he is watching your hand or in game the refs hand. 'Winning the draw' to differnt sides should be incorpated.

As a winger/center I always try and have an idea of my oppoents faceoff ability so, if he is really good at least I can tie him up. I nevermind a centre who ties up the other centre at the draw.

I have never done actaul off-ice faceoffs drills but, when I was younger I would do comptetions with my brother who is a faceoff whiz, thats where I learned the importance of strength on the faceoff dot.

Basically what you need to be good at draws is quick reaction time and strength. With one of them you can be decent with both you can your teams go to man.

One other thing is to advise your son to bare down on every draw and 'make it a big deal' because the more focus you put in to it helps you win it and also you won't feel as much pressure in a actual must win faceoff because you have made every faceoff a must win to yourself.

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