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There were about a dozen Flyers players who drove drunk that night. If you are going to condemn Lindbergh, condemn everyone else, too (and, for that matter, condemn the hockey culture of the time, where that was considered normal behavior to go out and have a few -- sometimes more than a few -- and then get behind the wheel). The only real difference is that Pelle crashed and died, and the others made it home.

With the except of Bob Froese, Pelle was actually the least likely player on that team to get involved in a drinking and driving accident. He rarely drank during the season and probably (although we'll never know) only did so that night because Keenan had given the team the next two days off and there was a long break until the next game night against Edmonton.

I'm not saying that what Lindbergh did was excusable or right, but you have to view it in context. The fact that he drove recklessly on a regular basis was actually the single biggest factor in how things ended up for him.

And even if you don't feel sorry for Lindbergh, you have to feel for his parents, Sigge and Anna-Lisa (who less than two years later had to bury another one of their three children after Pelle's older sister, Ann-Christine, lost a long battle with cancer). You have to feel for his fiancee, Kerstin. And you have to feel for all his friends and teammates that he left behind.

One of those friends was Ed Parvin Jr., who was one of the two passengers in the car. Parvin has never blamed Pelle for what happened, and holds no bitterness whatsoever.

In terms of putting a human face on the tragedy, here are photos of Pelle's mom, Anna-Lisa, his then-fiancee Kerstin (red jacket) and his older sister, Ann-Louise (black sweatshirt) at a gravesite memorial earlier this year, on what would have been his 51st birthday. Pelle's sister is also buried there. His father's name is on the other side of the headstone.

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