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11-08-2010, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by LGSens View Post
What happened to humorous/sarcastic Neely? Looks more like bitter Neely now.

Guess Neil was tired of Seidenberg using his stick all night. But that's what McGrattan is for right, to take care of this stuff.
Um...O.K...if you say so. Not sure how I come off as bitter, but whatever floats your boat.

As for McGrattan, the only thing he's for right now is to fight 19 year old up and comers and collect his AHL salary. The best part about this whole story is that McGrattan's comments weren't even a blip on the screen in terms of Boston sports. Nobody, not even Bruins fans here on HF, really cared about the quote...and we're talking about a board that dedicates 7 pages discussing Puck Daddy's assertion that the Bruins have the worst goal celebration in the league.

That's why I was so surprised to see Sens fans get all in a tizzy over a dumb joke about Carkner fighting Neil's fights for him. It was like they were looking for Bruins fans to engage in some Pro-McGrattan vs Neil argument, when the reality is that the guy has never played a single game for Boston at this point. He's completely irrelevant to most Bruins fans at this point. In fact, I still wonder how the hell he was able to get quoted by a member of the media in the first place...did he seek him out? Did they run into each other grabbing popcorn in the press box after the fight? Did he grab a quote while McGrattan was waiting in line at the bus station on his way to Providence?

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