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11-09-2010, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
Idiot Stick never coached the system used in Philadelphia. He always used his own system, even sometimes against the team's wishes (look at his time when he was head coach with the Marlies). He also used players in the way he saw fit. He was warned on numerous occasions in Toronto that certain players needed to play in order to develop and he often ignored his bosses in Toronto. That was one of the reasons why Burke did not re-up Idiot Stick when his contract was up.

Last year, we saw how much of a putz and a buffoon Idiot Stick was when he sent Maroon and Legein out to play with scrubs on the 4th line and they each ended up getting hurt as a result (Maroon with the concussion and Legein was knocked out of a game late last season).

It's also funny to read that Metzler said Paddock and Idiot Stick are cut from the same cloth. That statement is so incorrect, it's unbelievable where to begin. Paddock has a proven track record of developing NHL talent (look at his time in Binghamton and you'll see he did an outstanding job of developing talent). As well, Paddock has some credibility in that he's not a locker room Nazi and he's never challenged young players to fist fights (Idiot Stick challenged both Maroon and Stephenson to fist fights last season) or thrown young players under the bus when the team loses (Idiot Stick did that regularly last year).

I'm so glad that the cancer within the organization has been cut out. Paddock has his work cut out ahead of him trying to get that fractured locker room repaired. I can see that this season is going to be like Stevens' first year in Philadelphia when he was hired on after replacing Hitchcock - Paddock is there to repair the locker room and someone else will be brought in after wards.
Well, that's why I said "apparently" running our system. I'm pretty sure someone reported that he did. I haven't seen much evidence of that in games outside of brief glimpses.

It could also be that our system was so butchered by terrible play that it was almost unrecognizable.

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