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Originally Posted by FootKnight View Post
My stick also comes up to my eyebrows in street shoes, and I almost feel like it's a little too short. I sometimes find myself with my top hand halfway off the stick. I mainly play the wing, but I drop back and cover points a lot and play full scrimmages and sometimes games on defense. I often only use one hand on my stick. I'm always trying to take away passing lanes, or poke check, or just get my stick near the puck to take space away from whoever has it, and whenever I'm just skating hard without the puck (through the nuetral zone on rush or backchecking hard or whatever), I always have my stick out in front of me one-handed instead of on both hands swinging to my side.

For me, using a long stick probably comes from when I was a kid, and buying a stick was just finding the only lefty they had at the local sport store and never cutting it down. I've got a couple woodies I don't use right now and I'd be interested in cutting one down and giving it a try, I think. How much different does it feel? One reason I'm pretty interested is that my slapper sucks, I usually get too much ice and it seems like shorter stick would help that?
Yeah, it's tough to take a good slapper with a really long stick. You have to drop the hand further down the shaft and keep the puck further out to the side of your body.

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