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11-09-2010, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Carter is a good regular season guy, but what goes to show he can suceed in playoffs? Its easy to point out how he hit 40 goals once and how he is a great ES player, but when it comes to playoffs its excuses, among excuses. He hurt this, he hurt that.

Personally, I think we can win the same amount of games during the season without Carter, and be successful in playoffs without him (since he doesnt do anything in playoffs anyway). Its a huge risk that Homer is going to have to make. Not many teams can win multiple cups over a small span. Very few teams do it. If he really thinks that this team can win the cup multiple times, then you keep Carter. If he cares about the future also, and doesnt want 2006-2007 to repeat itself again, you let Carter walk.
Completely agree, he hasn't done anything in the playoffs and I've been a borderline Carter hater who never made excuses for him. I'm just not sure I want to give up on him yet, and it definitely is a big risk. If we can't get hit cap hit at 6.5 or lower I think I'd have to let him walk. But it's hard to say, this one is tough.

Maybe 4 years: 5.75, 6.25, 6.25, 6.75

I dont think another 06-07 will happen just because our offensive core is in their early 30s at most. They should still be great players. Our defensive stars will be really old but I don't think our depth on D is bad at all including those on the phantoms and that will help.

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