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11-09-2010, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by rban View Post
u really think Nodl and Powe are at that level?

I dont think Flyers can necessarily keep all of Hartnell, Powe Nodl JVR and Leino. Have to choose.

As useful as Nodl and Powe are, not sure I'd prioritize them over Leino and Hartnell. The latter two are bona fide Top 6 calibre, while the former are very good 3rd liners...thye may be occasionally promoted to Top 6 to fill in, but that's different from being a bona fide top sixer.
For my two cents... While role players in theory can be interchangeable, and are therefore not considered part of the core, the right role players are every bit as necessary as the right core players.

We must remember that role players moved or allowed to walk must be replaced by equal or better role players... and Powe, Betts, etc. are not very highly salaried. Replacement costs for equal talented role players, unless a lucky break is achieved, would be at the same level if not greater.

The goal is to promote in-house talent at bargain Cap hits or stumble upon a fortunate signing such as Betts was -- but it must be noted that Betts was re-signed for a higher contract once he proved his worth -- Powe is at $725K, Betts $700K and Nodl $850K... Homer would be hard pressed to replace that talent at those hits, IMO. And they are collectively under $2.3M.

Carcillo, Lappy and Shelly on the other hand account for over $3.3M and can be more easily replaced, IMO -- Lappy's heart is hard to replace, but he is an over 35 player who we are stuck with anyway -- My point is that certain role players, while cannot replace higher tied skilled core, should not be tossed aside altogether to maintain core players with hopes of replacing them with farm players or cheap FAs.

One of Fred Shero's saying was, "Dancers have to dance and singers have to sing"... All the talent in the World could fail without the proper role players doing their job. While Harnell and Lieno are important... and one could certainly point out that Hartnell is an important role player who has a high contract hit... I would not sacrifice Powe and Betts to keep them. Carcillo and Shelly on the other hand I would move to more easily maintain Powe, Betts, Hartnell and Lieno.

I really like the makeup of the current roster... and if Bob is not a flash in the pan, I really like this team's Cup chances run by these coaches. A long term top system goalie eliminates the one glaring weak spot on the roster... now they don't need stellar D-men to make up for average albeit capable goaltending. And I believe the core and role players can be kept in place for a few seasons... but with little to no leeway.

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