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Originally Posted by Courtesy Flush View Post
This is the exact reason why you should have one with a cage IMO. People that can't skate well use their stick as balance when they fall. All it takes is for you to be within stick range and you will be picking wood splinters from where your teeth used to be. Also i have never heard of any mens league that would allow ANYONE to play without a helmet. I play in the Elite league and everyone knows how to skate and play at a high level and people still wear full cages...Like me! Dental insurance coverage sucks! So suck it up and buy a helmet and cage for $65 and save your face!
^^^^^ also this

I play low level hockey and I can't count the number of times I've had someone's stick ring off of my cage.

I wear a Mission Intake and before that a Jofa 690 (my fave)

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