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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
If read what I wrote, you'd see that I'm not absolving Maroon from anything at all. As a professional, he's paid a very nice sum of money to play. If he had issues with the coach and if he tried to resolve the issues with his coach and they weren't taken care of, then he needed to go to Holmgren and address his concerns. Instead, Maroon tried to lead a mutiny, which no matter what, is inexcusable.

However, Idiot Stick the head coach has a documented history of running players out of town that he doesn't like. Whether you want to admit it or not, that's something that can't be ignored. He's been through three different franchises and he's had similar issues with all three franchises. At some point, it becomes more than a "coincidence" that there's a problem.

It's clear that there were some serious issues in the locker room and that a full house cleaning might be expected. Fact is, Idiot Stick has managed to alienate most of, if not, all the team with the way he handled his top scorer. Maroon tried to lead a mutiny against Idiot Stick and was exiled from the team. Finally, Holmgren had to go in and get rid of Idiot Stick because the damage done to the team was just too much.

I'm willing to bet that we see a complete 180 by the team in the upcoming weeks with Paddock behind the helm. And when it does, people will realize that the problem wasn't Pat Maroon, it was Idiot Stick. Maroon acted in a completely unprofessional manner though and he's got to be held accountable for that.
There is no doubt the coach needed to go. Clean house and start fresh. Everyone seems to think the problems with Maroon and the coach are exclusive to each other. They dont have to be. They could be separate issues. If it was the coach he would have been fired first. Even Shooter wouldn’t mess that up. No one knows what the problems where with Maroon. They could have been off ice issues. That is all I am saying. Look beyond the coaching for his issues. To say because of Gilbert, Maroon is not here imo is silly. All this fuss over a borderline prospect is good reading though.

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