Thread: Post-Game Talk: Capitals @ Rangers
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11-10-2010, 08:16 AM
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Don Van ********* doesn't raise his arm on Girardi while being johnny on the spot, the other stripped d-bag calls him for the penalty from center ice.

Then Don Van ********* calls a mysterious tripping penalty on EC with the net clearly blocking his view.

I'm not a proponent of blaming refs for losses as we had ample opportunity to win this game, but it makes things harder when you have no understanding of what calls are going to be made and when and more importantly, why they are bring made.

Then the abuse of officials call? There's got to be some lattitude there in the sense that we just got hosed and scored upon.

Finally, the double minor to Sauer seemed a bit arbitrary.

We didn't lose because of the refs, but they did make quite a few blatant and obvious mistakes during the game

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