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11-10-2010, 01:02 PM
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Hey Ed -
I feel your pain - after 37 years off the ice I decided to play goalie again at age 51. I, too, am getting lit up "like a Christmas tree", to use your words. Is it fun? No, not always, as I'm sure you and I share the same competitive spirit in that, as goalies, we'd like to believe we're going to stop every shot that comes our way, however unrealistic we both know that is. I have to remind myself occasionally that I am not the only player on the ice; that is, there are 3 forwards and 2 defenseman that have to do their jobs, as well as me doing my job, for the team to be successful. If there is a breakdown with the skaters failing to do their part, more often than not, I am finding myself put in a position where I will fail also, i.e., facing odd-man rushes where I make the first save, but give up a rebound and then am out of position leading to an easy "open net" score. This is especially true when the defenseman has either been beaten down the ice, or is not in a position to clear the rebound. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that you have to remember the skill level of the players surrounding you, and your own skill level as well. Remember, the pro scouts aren't going to be looking at us waving that 2-way contract... The bottom line is to go out and have fun and try to do the best that you can do - who cares if our GAA looks like the GNP of a small country! You and I are out there playing a game that we both obviously enjoy, although I sometimes wonder if it wouldn't be more enjoyable if my save percentage didn't look like a decent MLB batting average...
Again, have fun, do what you can, and punt the rest... the last time I looked, no one was paying me to play. And when you make that one incredible save to steal an otherwise sure goal, it'll give you the reason you need to come back next week and strap the pads on again!
Good luck -

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