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Originally Posted by zarley zelepukin View Post
And to think, people say there are too many teams in the league and the talent level is watered down. I mean, sure the talent is thinner than it would be with 22 teams, but compared to other leagues the talent is deep. Hockey and baseball are the only big time leagues in this country that draw large portions of talent from all over the world. Basketball is starting to, but it's not on the same level yet.
Well, to be fair:

No one but the US and maybe Canada play American rules football.

The style of the NBA is not the traditional style of basketball played around the world, meaning that many European players would be square pegs in round holes. The talent level in those countries is not even comparable to America, either.

Baseball is the American past time and few countries play it other than Latin countries (which the MLB recruits HEAVILY from) and Japan (which the MLB is just starting to notice).

Hockey is probably the 2nd biggest sport worldwide behind soccer and is played in almost every civilized (IE. non 3rd world country) nation in the world, including in the olympics. And, btw, our country is one of the worst developers in talent among the countries which develop players from this sport.

So, it really is no wonder why the NHL has the largest percentage of non-American players in it compared to the other sports.

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