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11-10-2010, 02:24 PM
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Originally Posted by ledzep1212 View Post
I am one of those thousands that reads his blog. He still puts out good articles but articles like this are the reason for my post. Explain to me how Botta goes from this:

To this:

With only a few hours in between both articles. Like I said he still puts out some real good info and then posts ******** like this. Also we do agree on one thing though Katie is awful.
I think Botta's a really good sportswriter and the best Islander writer around (not a huge feat, obviously)

It's clear that Botta and Snow aren't on good terms, for whatever reason, some of which he's written about over the past year, who cares.

Botta clearly supports Gordon and blames Snow. Is there a personal element to some of his writings? probably.

Is it factual? I'd say YES.

It's nice to hear that the room isn't divided, the players still battle for one another and support the coach. I think that's reflected in the on-ice product, how hard they work and battle.

It's painfully obvious this team lacks talent and cannot win games with consistency at the NHL level. That's on Snow. He hasn't put enough talent on the roster.

I think it's because of Wang, but that's pure speculation. I've heard Wang and Snow say they have financial resources available should there be an opportunity to improve the team.

That means that Snow believes he's done that with the team he assembled to start the season. The crap that takes the ice each night. That's a huge failure IMO.

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