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11-10-2010, 07:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeypete49 View Post
If I said what I want to say to you I will be banned from this site. How does it feel to be ....... perfect? Let me know cause you are the 1st person who has not made any mistakes in their life. It was terrible about Pat. It was a shame that the government tried to cover has death by "friendly fire" up.
Message me then and tell me what you want to say. I don't care. I'm sorry that I don't mourn the death of a man just because he was a Flyers goalie. Let me say this again, if he was just some average joe, none of you would even take the time to read the ****ing obituary. And Tillman died defending this country, a country he gave up his dream to fight for. The 2 aren't even in the same category.

You know what, fine. I'll admit, based on my bias on this subject maybe I should have refrained from posting in here, but I honestly don't see what I said that was so insane. That his death was his fault? Because it was. I'm pretty sure he was the one pounding back the drinks and getting into a car. I will say I feel bad for his family and I feel bad that a single bad decision cut his life short, but the situation could have been avoided very easily.

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