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10-06-2003, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Sabres22
So the reason I say I'd take Delmore over a stevens is because its not everyday you can aquire a goal scoring defenseman like a Delmore. Our supposedly stellar defense the last 3 years didnt show up and I honestly dont believe if he had a scott stevens type player would make a difference with Biron in net. We have a better chance scoring more goals and winning with a delmore than we do with a stevens. unless you had a whole defense worth of stevens. does that make it more clear to you?
Well, I've already made the point that Stevens shot and offensive abilities are just fine, and even more so for Neidermeyer. Playing in the system they do in NJ, I'm frankly surprised at the amount of offense they contribute. Also, there is more to offense than just scoring goals, those guys create offense by being great in transition, and do the little things overall that make them far more valuable than Andy Delmore, 18 goals notwithstanding. Biron in net is not the problem, a mixture of younger, inexperienced d-men, injuries, the change in goalie (not who the goalie is), bad coverage by the forwards and the lack of a regular paycheck kept our 'stellar' defense from showing up evey night.

I never called our defense stellar, you are the one who said you'd take our defense over Stevens and Neidermeyer. I (and others) called you on it.

We do not have a better chance of winning by scoring more goals if we can't keep the puck out of our net. If the defense does it's job (which it has on occasion) then it's the goalie's job to make the easy save, which is what Brodeur does in NJ, while Biron is called on to stand on his head. Granted, Biron has been inconsistent mentally, but you can't lay that blame at his feet solely, as the defense has as well.

Originally Posted by Sabres22
And why dont you just stop with the remarks already OK? you're probably older than me and yet by what you are typing and trying to talk down to me makes you much less mature, i'm here to talk hockey about my favorite team, the sabres, and not to start a quarrel with someone I don't know.
A few things here. The first is, you DON'T SHOUT IN A PUBLIC FORUM! That is the height of rudeness. Your comments about Stevens and Neidermeyer were quite rude and directed at someone whose been a member of this board far longer than you. I don't normally insult in public but it seemed to me that something needed to be said.

You are in a public forum where all you have to represent yourself is the <i>words you use</i>. You said some things easily countered in a hostile manner and got taken to task for it. This is not the first time it has happened in the history of the Internet and it won't be the last. It's happened to me and if you are not careful it will happen to you again. Think before you shout, and post only when you have something meaningful to say.


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