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11-11-2010, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Ever since the more recent Flash Updates mine has been ****** on all computers whether it's at the office, friends houses whatever.

It isn't that it freezes every 5 seconds. For me it's that I'll be watching a video and then suddenly the video will freeze and the audio continues. (This is on full screen mode)

Only thing is it never catches up. Every time it happens I have to exit full screen and go back in. Happens on youtube sometimes, other sites all the time especially TSN's site. It's just damn annoying. It doesn't halt the stream it's just the video seems to stop feeding while the audio continues. Simple exiting of full screen mode fixes it, it's just annoying when you just did that 30 seconds ago and it happens again.

No real method to the madness either, sometimes it'll happen 10 seconds later sometimes it won't happen in an hour.

This only started happening to me in more recent versions of flash
Yeah that's it, exactly, audio continues, video freezes. I think for me it's happening even in small screen mode too.

Flash is a nightmare. They release new versions every week, other soft wares are dependent on it, (even some CAD software!) if they change something it often screws up other software too, and half the time I can't download it on a PC. On Mac it's easy...

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