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11-11-2010, 03:13 AM
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Originally Posted by hof2120 View Post
Message me then and tell me what you want to say. I don't care. I'm sorry that I don't mourn the death of a man just because he was a Flyers goalie. Let me say this again, if he was just some average joe, none of you would even take the time to read the ****ing obituary. And Tillman died defending this country, a country he gave up his dream to fight for. The 2 aren't even in the same category.

You know what, fine. I'll admit, based on my bias on this subject maybe I should have refrained from posting in here, but I honestly don't see what I said that was so insane. That his death was his fault? Because it was. I'm pretty sure he was the one pounding back the drinks and getting into a car. I will say I feel bad for his family and I feel bad that a single bad decision cut his life short, but the situation could have been avoided very easily.
You have your opinion and I have mine. I do not want to message you because I do not want to even deal with you anymore.I just do not think I like you. I knew Pelle and you would not have met a finer human being and for you to say those things about him truly stings. You make it sound like he was a guy who did not give a **** about anything and was a ****ing drunkard. I have lost friends and family in battle so to use Pat as a example vs Pelle, well I will just leave it at that. So stay in your glass house mr. I never made a mistake hof.

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