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11-11-2010, 03:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Flyskippy View Post
I drove by the site this evening after leaving the Skate Zone. My son had hockey practice and I used the opportunity to talk about drinking and driving. I spoke about what impaired judgment is and how one mistake - or rather, a chain of small mistakes - can be so costly. I described Pelle's last drive and showed him the wall as we approached, asking him what he saw coming up.

I can still remember my mom driving my brother and I to deliver newspapers on that Sunday morning. My brother, the huge Pelle Lindbergh fan, was in the back seat as we delivered my route first. I got back to the car to get another bundle of newspapers when I saw my brother crying. I was asking him what he said (to tick my mom off and get smacked as usual) when my mom cut me short and told me why he was upset. Here's my then-best friend / little brother bawling because Pelle was brain-dead. I delivered both my route and his route that day. I will never forget it.
I still remember getting that phone call that morning. It felt like the blood just drained out of me. Two of my friends were on the Magnolia fire squad and responded to the call, they did not know who was involved at first.It was a miracle the other two passengers even survived. Once Gary found out it was Pelle he called me with the news and told me it did not look good. Later in the morning it was confirmed he would not make it. Nothing ever good comes out of drinking and driving. Pelle was a fun loving young man who loved life dearly and made a mistake a paid for it with his life.

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