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11-11-2010, 05:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
Lots of guys have gone on to lead the league in stats and never won a Stanley Cup, that is my opinion of Carter. Disagree if you want but it my opinion. It is also my opinion that if given the right deal it would benefit the Flyers as an organization to contemplate moving him.

It is not about hate or his accomplishments, it is about what your value of player x is in comparison to mine. We differ in what value he has, period. The game of hockey and teh winner and losers are not made up of teams who have the highest scorer, it is made up of pieces, the sum of the parts, which work well together to accomplish the ultimate goal, a Stanley Cup.

Carter's stats have zero to do with whether he is a good player, it is where does he fit in the system and a position and whether his value is greater in what you can get in return versus keeping him long term for a multi-year deal which will again cash strap the team. As a matter of fact the better Carter does the more value he hold and the better his market value is going ot be if a trade go through. The irony is people think he will sign for less if he scores 40 goals or that the organization can afford to do so without losing another possible important spoke in the wheel. In an uncapped league I say sign him to whatever deal you want, but a long term deal for this player greater than 5yrs/$6mill/yr is a mistake IMO and will hurt them in the long run unless they win this year and he is MVP of the SCF's.
So Carter sucks because you don't think he will ever win a Cup? Well, I guess Lindros was actually pretty ****** then. Silly me, I thought he was really good all along.

As for Carter doing well...I get the feeling that unless he scores at least one goal per game, you'd still consider him to be garbage.

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