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11-11-2010, 07:53 AM
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Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
stable? the attendance figures compared to last season are awful. cologne was short of collapsing in summer, is now at the bottom, the attendance is down and you think that's stable?
düsseldorf is over 1000 fans short of calculation or so.

i still think the DEL is a dead product and done within the next two years. there's no future for a league that is not able to think as a union, but only as individuals and who don't see that there's a problem at all. actually that's the biggest reason of the DEL failure. there's 14 owners who only think of their own team and no outside ruler like a federation.

and besides the whole off ice issues, the DEL games i watched this season were boring. emotionless hockey with dead crowds and questionable reffing.
On the other hand, didn't last season set attendance records (although due much in part to Berlin's great attendance in the new building)?

True though, I didn't think about the general lack of attendance in traditional hotbeds like Düsseldorf and of course Cologne. Still, everyone knew Cologne would likely NOT be anything more than a team fighting for spot 10, even if last place is currently still a disappointment - one that team will feel at the box office. Maybe the Stewart dismisal will see that change a bit???

In addition Zeke, if I remember correctly, you're from the Kassel region and that's the club you support, right? I feel the DEL clubs were absolutely right in their decision towards the Kassel's attempt to stay in the league, especially as I understood it described in the Eishockey News DEL preview magazine. I know it's a more North American idea, but the teams must stick together on some fronts and there seemed to be absolute unity on that issue - almost surprisingly!

I'm not a big fan of the financial inspection process that goes on every summer, especially seeing as how an arbitrary body does the examination, gives teams the green light and THEN weeks later we hear about their dire straits. Seems very odd to me...

It will be interesting to see how the league deals with the problems it currently has and how it goes about handling them. I think we'd see a reduction to 5 foreigners and every team somehow required to incorporate several more of its own regional players before it would collapse/fold entirely, as we all know that'd likely go a good ways in lowering costs and generating a bit more interest amongst its fanbase. In fact, going even more North American in its league design (which is surprisingly socialistic on this front), I can see a certain NHL-style salary cap being instituted at a stricter level as well.

I think the owners are pretty much aware that this sport doesn't necessary have a future in Germany as a 17'000 building-filling item, with very few exceptions.

As for the in-game quality, I've only been to 3 Freezers games myself this season and watched a few games on Sky or Eurosport and I can't say my level of interest or the quality of the product was anything more or less than what we've seen in previous years, generally speaking. As someone who likes the Scorpions and Freezers, I'm terribly disappionted in Hamburgs' inability to play effectively despite a very good roster on paper (once again) while I continue to be amazed at what we're seeing in Hannover, where the Scorpions just don't have the fanbase to feed off of. There's just a very, very unique hockey situation there, what with the Indians enjoying such a cult following and even Oberliga hockey (officially) having its loyal following as well.

On a sidenote, I am curious about how the Deutschland Cup's attendance will be this weekend.

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