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11-11-2010, 07:21 AM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
I just don't see how a team on a limited budget can get away with playing a guy who makes that type of money such limited minutes. I haven't done it nor have the time to but I'd be curious what the minutes per salary paid is for Dumont and what other guys who get paid in the same general range are playing per night.

While I also agree that you don't play someone based on their salary, it's hard to swallow that our asset/salary management is being used like this. Enjoy the day folks.
I totally agree that we can't put Dumont on the first line simply because we're paying him like a first liner. But like you said, this team does not have the luxury of paying Dumont's salary on the 4th line. So you either play him in top minutes, or you trade him so that you can use that salary slot on a guy who will get top minutes.

Of course there is a catch here. If he is still talented enough to play top minutes, then you can keep him there and enjoy his production. If he's not talented enough to play there, then who is going to trade for his salary and play him on their 3rd/4th line?

So the question is, has JP's skill decreased to the point where he is not able to play a top 6 role, or is it another matter between him and Trotz? If it's the first one then we're stuck with the current situation, if it's the second then there needs to be an intervention somewhere, Dumont needs to be in a top 6 role either because he can produce and Trotz needs to suck it up and deal with whatever he dislikes about JP, or he needs to be in a top 6 role so that the Preds can prove he is still capable and showcase him to potential trade partners.

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