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11-11-2010, 11:42 AM
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Hey Guys ! Did you notice that since El Nino left the Islanders ... they won no game !

I know ... i know i already said the exact same words and their was a pletoria of reasons explaining why ... this correlations was deemed spurious and was already noticed by Swissexpert.

It is still interesting to point out that if we continue our neutral observations about correlations ... and El Nino :

The Islanders didn't win 1 game since then and since my first "hey guys" post.

Then since El Nino is with the Winterhawks ... they have not lost 1 game !
(though they didn't wait him to come to start a winning streak ... ! i agree )

All this is still statistically interesting to observe !

... do the goals or assists El Nino scores, influence the outcome ? appartently not !
Maybe another influence in the locker room or at another subliminal level ?? Presence ? who knows ...

Let's keep calling it spurious.
Definition of spurious : of a deceitful nature or quality.


Do you know the law of murphy ?? ... the law of Murphy is used to say that whatever you undertake is doomed. You will be queuining somewhere ... well ... wherever you will be queuing ... you will be where you will have to wait most time.
You think that Murphy was a mathematician who made amazing calculus to explain mathemtaically why ... ?
No ! Murphy was a decent assistant. And it was noticed that whenever he was involved in a operation/experience or something ... it would not work. He doing nothing wrong !!! therefore the first law of Murphy was ... whenever Murphy is part of the team ... : it won't work !

Will their be a El Nino law ?? whenever he plays with a team ... this team's destiny is to win ?

Enough philosophy


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