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11-11-2010, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
But this is where we disagree. The team can keep certain players but in a cap world if they are going to spend @$24mill on defense for 7 d-men and still need to address the other positions you cannot allocate another $25.2mill(total of $49.2mill) or 83% of your budget to what equates to 7 d-men and what equates to two lines(5 players).

You understand that you cannot move Briere without his consent of where he wants to go and you cannot waive him or try and move him without that consent? Do you also understand that moving Briere does nothing to help build from within or create cap flexibiliy by addressing areas of need? You have nothing to fill the holes that exist in the farm system and are still carrying several burdensome contracts, it is a game of cups. This is the value of Carter, he does not have those restrictions and as everyone wants to point out is a very good commodity in the organization. If he is as great and wanted as everyone points out there should be no problem getting four 1st rd picks or equal value back. As a GM you have to consider this as an option or you are going to hamstring the organization to what this core group has represented up to this unknown, are they the team that showed up in the playoffs or the regular season team who tuned out the coach was wildly inconsistent and made it into the playoffs on the last day of the season via a shootout of all things.
People act like we gave up assets for Briere in the first place. We didn't.

If I could move Briere for nothing, I would, just because out of everyone over 30 on this team, he strikes me at the guy who will 'disappear' the quickest.

Pronger and Timonen will still be solid and smart defenders, but Briere is out sized and as he slows, he will turn into a 3rd liner. His defense is awful and he is NOT a particularly good ES player anyway. He is a PP guy.

We have our own 1st round picks to build from within. Why move an asset like Carter for picks when most likely, none of those picks will ever have a single year equal to Carter?

The biggest disagreement here to me is that I want to keep value and shed age where as you want to shed a specific player you don't like and are protecting a LINE that has played well for roughly 30 games.

Lavi puts the lines together and it's his perogitive to put the HBL line out there, but it's Homer's job to ice the bets team he can year to year. I think this club is better off longterm WITH Carter by means of shedding guys like Carle or Hartnell, then without Carter.

Without Carter, all of a sudden our offense is kinda .... small and made up mostly of playmakers.

Like I said before, investing in Carter is investing in an entire line, as his linemates can be Powe or Nodl and Carter will still score.

I'd rather spend my money down the middle then on the wings. To me, Briere is a winger who can play center. Carter is a center.

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