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Originally Posted by sc37 View Post
Ok, looking to switch from maybe a Lidstrom to a Drury as the Lidstrom is a bit too drastic of a curve I've found out the last couple games. I know they're the same lie, but how much rocker does the Drury have? Pics would be good, as I'm trying to compare.
It is funny, but NO ONE has answered the initial question or even attempted that. Instead the old thread that had little to do with Drury or Lidstrom rocker was rolled in. I mean, please... I like to see my old posts on Drury curve (esp. #18 here), but most of content of the entire conversation is irrelevant to what was asked.

The stick blade rocker similarly to skate blade rocker shows how much of the curve the BOTTOM of the blade gets. The more the rocker the less is the length where blade touches the ice. The advantage of low rocker is that it is more forgiving on slap and snap shots. The higher rocker, in essence, means that stick has somewhat variable lie and it is , therefore suitable for players who like to stick-handle close and away from the body. Those are mostly forwards.
I believe Lidstrom/ Getzlaf differs from Drury/Parise only with respect to rocker. It is greater on Lidstrom, although the blade toe is square.
Ds often prefer square toes as it allows to pick the puck from the boards better. Higher rocker allows puck moving Ds (like Lidstrom) to stick handle better. Players like Lidstrom do not care about blage forgiveness when shooting, they do not need it as their shots are highly consistent. Some forwards (Gettzlaf, Lecavalier) prefer square toe as they do not value the benefits for toe drag the round toe offers.

Having said all of that I consider Drury and Lidstrom practically the same. I like Drury better because, being anything but top skill, I like its forgiveness on the slapper, but it is truly minor. The next in line to Drury is Staal (P91A) by Bauer, Kovalev by Warrior, Lecavalier by RBK and Ovechkin by CCM ( the last two are like Lidstrom -Drury differ by toe shape only).

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