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11-11-2010, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
I use stats... because if you just sit there and watch all the games (which I do) your brain is literally incapable of absorbing all the information accurately. For example, and right on with the whole thing with "clutch." Naturally, folks latch on to a player making a big play... lets take Simon Gagne during the Boston series. Do you remember a few years back when Gagne used to get blasted for coming up small in the playoffs? I do, because I used to defend him. Well, now he has some pretty *ing "clutch" goals on his resume, no? Game 6 OT against TB... the Boston series heroics...

I'm slavish in my devotion to statistics because I want to actually understand what is happening. Not create fairy tales about certain players.

So, as noted by Rick Blaine these "moments" are happening all the *ing time. The times a guy converts that chance into a "clutch" goal or whatever, gets celebrated... the time that same guy may have come up small gets overlooked. Then you have other issues, like everyone focusing on Carter's struggles (on two broken feet) and getting stoned by Niemi in Game 6... what about Richards? Dude was missing some golden chances in that series and a complete non-factor offensively after being our best forward in the first 3 rds.
Fair enough, I simply think that in the world of sport statistical analysis is not the only thing to hang an argument on, and at times over shadows how an event took place. Richard's is not this team's offensive gem nor should he be, and when he tries to be our team's best offensive player he typically hasn't done well. Does that mean he gets a pass for the Chi series? no, but that whole line played like ass Gagne included.

I have to ask, who would you want kicking a field goal late in a game to keep your season alive, Nate Kaeding or Adam Vinatieri?
Who's stick do you want the puck to be on late in a game Carter's or Briere's?

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