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11-11-2010, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
False... and that's the point.

You're placing a narrative on top of it largely because YOU are imbuing greater value in that moment than others... in doing so, you then ignore other failures and other moments.

However, it's really false because it simply isn't true if you look at large enough samples... even for those very moments you are focusing on.
I'm not placing a narrative on anything, nor do I try and look for "heros and goats". Large enough samples of practically anything will muddle out into a mean, sure. But frankly come playoffs I don't care what player A did in game 7 of the regular season. I care what he did in period's one and two of that game, and wether or not he's got the guts to take his game up another notch in period three. Now there is a compounding factor that is called pressure wether you'd like to admit it or not, and some people, believe it or not react better to stressful environments than others. Sports are not played in a vacuum, much unlike viewing certain stats can be made to look.

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