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11-11-2010, 06:07 PM
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Really nice video from a Flyer's fan in Stockholm.


Originally Posted by hof2120 View Post
I never ****ing said that I was perfect. The only difference is the mistakes I make don't put my life or others' lives in danger. I'm sorry you that you knew him, that has to make it a lot worse, but had it been another, less known player, one you didn't know, would you feel the same way? Countless people die every day, were their lives not just as important as Pelle Lindbergh's? Sure they didn't have the recognition that Lindbergh did but that doesn't make it less tragic.
Man, I get your point. But in all respect, honestly 100% not trying to be a dick here, that argument is worthless. We ALL "knew" Pelle because he was apart of something we all had a passion for. The fact is the world can not stop for each and every person that dies. It would be nice, but it just can't be like that. Pelle was an icon in Flyers history and was missed because of that. To some (and again, sadly), other people's deaths take priority over others. If you told me Mike Richards died tomorrow and that some other guy fell in a manhole right after I would immediately be heartbroken over Mike and learn about it as quickly as I could. Anyone else who wasn't a Flyer's fan probably just treated it as another death in the news, and they fall in the category of not really feeling the entire effect because they simply didn't know who he was. Also, sorry about your friend too. Drunk driving is terrible, but Pelle had everything to lose, it was a mistake from an otherwise lively and responsible person. He just didn't get a second chance.

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