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05-23-2005, 02:08 PM
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With respect to Lehoux's 03-04 numbers, I think folks need to consider the talent level of the wings in Manchester that season.

After Tripp (22-games) and Barney (44-games) were recalled to L.A. during the 03-04 season, the Monarchs were left with the following available wings:

Jeff Giuliano (80-games)
Pavel Rosa (77-games, skated almost exclusively with Kelly)
Noah Clarke (71-games, skated almost exclusively with Rosa and Kelly)
Ryan Flinn (59-games)
George Parros (57-games)
Chris Schmidt (54-games)
Sam Ftorek (52-games)
Leon Hayward (42-games)
Dan Welch (31-games)
Brad Church (11-games)
Greg Koehler (10-games)
Travis Lisabeth (8-games)
Jud Medak (3-games)
Kip Brennan (2-games)

Clarke–Kelly–Rosa made up the top unit for most of the season and Church skated pretty much all of his 11-games with Kelly and Rosa. Basically, there wasn’t a lot of “offensive” talent left to skate with Lehoux. The wings were in and out of the lineup all season long. I'm really not disappointed in Lehoux's numbers for the 03-04 season especially when considering what he was working with.

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