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11-12-2010, 05:24 AM
Cherith Cutestory
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Can't say I'm surprised about the Carter deal, most teams seem to like the idea of keeping their star players around.

This team is going to have to rely on players from within to step up, and if we donít see that then weíre gonna have to put one of our young defenseman out there via trade. There are only 2 forwards left out there (Semin and Richards) who are legit top-6 and arguably top-3 guys that I would want Murray to snatch up. Given that there are very few all-star forwards making it to RFA or UFA these days, Murray (assuming itís him for the time being) is gonna have to throw big contracts at them; this is the only way for us to get more of a presence up front.

Gagne would be nice, but he strikes me as another Kovalev-type guy who COULD bring a lot to the table, but may or may not (Iím not suggesting Gagne is lazy or turns it on and off like Kovie does, just that heís a question mark at his age). Parise is a pipe-dream, Lou will get him signed Iím sure. Realistically (unless/until theyíre signed) its Semin or Richards. We lose out on either or both of them, we gotta go trade route.

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