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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
Cosigned and co-lol'd.

What's so funny about Chris is that he is so invested in being right . . . to strangers on the internet. I mean, me and Jester have exchanged some lengthy posts before, but we are usually moving the conversation along intelligently, towards a better understanding of one another's points, or an agreement to disagree, something. Chris will have an argument that consists of the same five points and counterpoints recycled to infinity (One of those points being that he writes for a website, ha!).

What's amusing is when everyone is hating on him, he doesn't think it has anything to do with his attitude...he's just like "yeah, we writers have targets on our backs when we post". Unreal.

ALso, what if Homer reads HFboards and just "did it for the lulz"?

*Homer turns away from a Chris Shafer post on HFBoards and rubs his temples, then turns to pick up the phone to dial Yzerman*

"Hey Steve, I don't want Ashton and Smith anymore. Yeah I know that was our deal, and I hate to flake out on you, but now I want Walker and a have a great day too Steve, bye bye now."

*hangs up phone*

*satisfied chuckle*

...two hours later...

Homer logs back on to the Flyers board, reads the vitriol and feels a pang of regret. Then he comes back to the trade forums and reads Shafer attempting to defend himself and knows in the end it was well worth it.
For the record, while I have disagreed at times, I dont see this issue with Shafer. The things you are accusing him of, EVERYONE is guilty of at one point or another.

I have as much respect for Jester as much as the next person, dont know you very well cause I just havent been on here much lately but I am sure you are jus as guilty of this as am I at times.

Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
Well it's not looking good for Simon....seems the drama of injuries may shorten his career or maybe this will be another temp hiccup in his injury prone career?

I wonder if this latest mystery illness is related to those shots he was receiving in his neck to aid with the concussions? It's possible he has side effects from those injections since the treatment wasn't exactly a proven treatment. He did it as a last resort and it worked for him supposedly but maybe now he's getting some blowback...???

I guess Holmgren isn't looking so bad.....well not really considering Walker is using a walker these days along with Leighton!
Still a terrible deal cause we replaced him with crap in Shelley/Zherdev, and what Valhoun said above as well

Originally Posted by DrHamburg View Post
If Meszaros turns it around? I thought he has looked pretty damn good..
He was a bit shaky the first 5 games or so but has been very solid lately. Would love to see him use that big shot a bit more

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