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10-06-2003, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by GuyF
Robin's a good writer, no a great writer in my opinion. He's no dummy. He's been around and he wouldn't stick his neck out like this just for funzies.
Other than Matheson who doesn't cover the Oilers exclusively this city's 'great' sportswriters have been thoroughly decimated in the last few years by national papers (Post) or electronic media. It is really too bad. Brownlee looks good because his opposite number at the Journal is really, really, really baaad. I've spent a lot of my life in the media (writing, editing, publishing and owning papers - and, yes, I know that it is hard to tell but none of them were about hockey specifically). I took a proposal to the Oilers a few years ago to publish a weekly exclusively on the Oilers during the season (I think it was about 30 -33 issues per year. All I asked was access to the players and staff for interviews etc. The lady I talked to just wasted my time and never bothered to even respond to the plan she asked me to put together. (I should point out that my ventures have all been economically successful, which is why I have time to be on this board annoying people). But the reason for this ramble is that she had two major concerns. One, that it would annoy a certain corporate stock holder of theirs and that I would be unable to find competent writers. The first concern is, perhaps, legitimate. The second just hogwash as you yourself attest to.

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