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11-12-2010, 08:52 AM
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First piece of advice, make sure everything is in your cup and stays there. As has already been said you have to get low wide stance knees bent, and if you are doing it right the Goalie is going to get frustrated, and a lot of them love the cup check. No matter how Non-checking the league you play in is, if you choose to park it in the Goalies face you are going to get hit from all angles and in my experience the Refs aren't going to call much.

Here's a couple things to try. Wait off to the side of the goalie til one of your guys is actually in a shooting position then move in front of the goalie, it seems to annoy them more to suddenly have their vision blocked.

But this is my favorite trick, works great on slappers from the point. Get square to the shooter low feet wide dig in on the inside edges. Defensemen now will try and front you and tie up your stick(they used to try and move you) so wait til the shooter winds up get your stick behind the D's thighs so he is more or less sitting on it. When the shot is released lift up and shove the D man forward and out of the shooting lane. The trick is to not try and knock them over, just propel them on their skates away from you. The nice thing is that this should give you a clear look at the shot, a free stick, and the room to turn and look for a rebound, but it takes work to get the timing down.

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