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11-12-2010, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Tray4Adams View Post
You and Cammalleri would get along. Have you never heard of the term Hockey IQ? Have you not watched the Montreal Canadiens play?

He passes when he should shoot, shoot when he should pass, makes stupid plays like it's his job.

Like I said, he has a world class shot, which is the reason he is in the NHL and the reason he makes so much money. 30 + goal scorers are hard to come by but maybe watch #13 next time and you'll see the bonehead plays he makes.

He thinks he has Kovalev's hands, but he doesn't. He has nothing but a shot.

Of course all you little fanboys will see that he's gonna score 30+ goals and think he is the next Richard, but in reality, he's just not that good.

Edit: It'd be nice if he actually focused on scoring goals rather than making sure his BioSteel product gets some airtime in his pre/post game interviews
Well, well... where to start... you've got a bigger-than-life opinion of your hockey knowledge, don't you? While your post reeks of contempt, I'll pretend your questions are legitimate.

Yes, I have heard of the term Hockey IQ. Why do you ask? Cammy shows he is intelligent on the ice, and manages to get where he need to get to score goals. And yes, I have watched the Montreal Canadiens play, probably longer than you have (I assume the term 'little fanboy' was directed at me, and to set the record straight, I am neither 'little' or a boy. Fan, yes, you got me there.)

He passes when he should shoot - yet he's managed 40+ assists twice, and the last two seasons he didn't he still managed 24 and 28, during injury-shortened campaigns. You do understand that passing the puck is what primarily leads to assists right? I know, not always, but I said primarily and that's a fair statement. And just for a recent example you may have seen, he pased to Gionta last night when he should have passed it to Gionta (a difficult pass at that). Do you feel he should have shot that one?

He shoots when he should pass - well, with the number of assists he's managed to draw, coupled with the above average number of goals he scores, I just don't see how you can come to this conclusion. And don't come back with 'do you watch him play?' because the answer is yes - I see between 70-80 games a season on TV or live. Nothing to read between the lines there, just that, yes, I do watch the games.

I'll skip the stupid plays comment, what is there to say?

Thanks for the insight into what Cammy thinks re: his hands. I doubt many people who play hockey would think they have Kovalev-hands, but hey, if you know something I don't know...

And finally, why you are introducing the Rocket to this discussion is beyond me. You seem to lack focus, perhaps the derision you feel towards Cammy gets you emotional and off-track. Maybe a personal problem between the two of you? Just guessing.

You've shown me no reason to put any stock into your opinion. It is what it is, but you certainly won't be convincing many that your opinion is correct with the whimsical arguments you make.

Michael Cammalleri has been a hgue breath of fresh air for the Habs. His attitude, skill, and work ethic were sorely needed prior to his arrival. The hard-working, winning attitude is returning to the locker room and to the ice after a long absence, in large part due to what he brings.

I think I'm laughing more than I'm crying now. I look forward to more of your Cammy-belittling in the future.

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