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10-06-2003, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by NY Rangers Fan
Would the following offer from the Rangers be unfair:
Jamie Lundmark
Johan Lundqvuist ( Is rated as one of Europes top goalie prospects. )
Possibly a second round pick or a servicable defenseman ( I Doubt you would be interested in Dale Purinton. He is cheap and could be used as fourth line winger for strictly enforecer duties.

Other than that, there isn't too much the Rangers could offer that would make financial sense.
In trading Comrie, we'd be freeing up over $3 million in addition to the money we freed up with the Niinimaa trade, so it isn't critical for the Oilers to get rock-bottom salaries back in a trade.

What the Oilers would need in exchange for Comrie is a top-four defenseman and a top-six forward. Purinton doesn't really do anything for us as we already have three or more versions of him in our system. With Jeff Deslauriers in the pipeline, I'm not sure EDM would be interested in Lundqvist, but I don't know for sure. Lundmark is someone I'm sure they'd be interested in, though. The problem in making a trade with NYR is that with the exception of Lundmark, any halfway decent guy on your roster is making three times what he should be.

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