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10-06-2003, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by GuyF
MY only comment on this thread is to point out that Brownlee is a columnist not a beat writer. The difference being he gets to write and express his opinions rather than just report the news as it happens. He can report is impressions on the situation without getting a definite answer from the parties involved.
Guy, I am curious as to why you think Brownlee is a columnist. On this link to the Edmonton Sun there is a list of Sun columnists and he is not included.

The article in the Sun contains no new information, in fact Brownlee admits that Lowe and Winter aren't talking to the press and apparently not to each other.

His first sentence "He's just coming back to say goodbye" is idle speculation designed to sell papers. For those of us who actually expect news in the paper it has the opposite effect, we get our news elsewhere. If the public wants speculation this forum is rampant with it, they should throw away the Sun and become forum members.