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10-06-2003, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
Actually the Oilers get first right of refusal. When you pluck a player off the waiver wire, and then try to send him down, the team you got him from gets to decide whether or not they want him back.
Do you have a source for this, because this is not how the CBA reads (granted at just one read through Article 13)?

Basically, it is as a benefit to the players. Generally if you are sent to the minors, you don't earn the same amount of money, so if you are sent down another team can pick you up off waivers and use you for their team. But if you get sent down again, you are no better off than before, hence your original team gets the choice of whether or not they want you back.
I'm having trouble seeing the logic in your second paragraph. And I especially fail to see how that lends creedance to the first paragraph ... if anything just the opposite. Since the reclaiming team left the player unprotected in the first place, they surely weren't destined for the NHL squad.

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